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Ethyl ester production

APC has developed a continuous process to make ethyl esters from triglycerides and recovering excess ethanol from the product mix. The process is compact and the process can be fully automated.

Tri glycerides from ethyl esters using enzymes

The process is batch wise and utilizing free fatty acids or ethyl esters and glycerol as raw materials. Enzyme reused more than 30 times. The product obtained has a concentration of tri glycerides more than 60% and less than 3 percent residual FFA/ethyl ester. If needed also 90% concentration tri glycerides may be produced with less than 1% FFA/ethyl ester enabling deodorization of the oil obtaining a product without fishy taste and smell.

Enzymatic neutralization

By neutralization of oils enzymatically, yields can be increased considerably compared with chemical neutralization. APC has developed a process that can be custom made and supplied as a turn-key unit.

Bleaching, fractionation and deodorization

Batchwise and custom made

Feed oils- utilization of by-products

APC has developed a process to utilize by-products for the omega-3 industry to feed quality. Information on request.


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